Allegheny Road Run and SMC Informal meeting

June 17, 2019

If you don’t attend AMCA road run’s my heart bleeds for you. The Allegheny Road Run in Ligonier PA is one I will always remember. Curvy roads, up and down hills, and lots of history. With all the help of the chapter members over the past year in getting my 1947/8 Harley road ready, it worked out that the road run was to be the proving ground for “Achilles” as named by Roy Chapman. She made three days of riding which was a bit south of 500 miles with no problems. Dorsey was a key figure in the shake down ride as he guided us through the route. 


Within thirty minutes of ending the last days ride the email went out and I am now participating in the Cross Country Chase this September ( I might make it ten miles or all the way…


We stopped at the Flight 93 memorial which was heart wrenching…


After the road run ended, Dorsey and I made our way to the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground outside of Waynesville NC (Wheels Through Time Museum).  Kent and Dorsey shopping outside the Harley Shop. Some high dollar bikes there….

Kent met us that weekend and we held an informal SMC meeting near a bubbling stream at which we determine all members not present should be given a hardship award for missing these killer roads and weather!


See everyone in Guntersville!

PS – The Canadian contingency Mike P. was present, and he tried to pass off that Canadian monopoly money any time he could.