Lake Guntersville Camp/Cookout and Ride

June 28, 2019

Another great weekend is in the books. Thanks to all who organized this awesome event. The campground was packed with vacationers and as soon as a bike was parked on a campsite, we had a steady stream of admirers asking questions about our machines. We had a good turnout of SMC members. It got a little warm during the day but if we kept the bikes moving it was comfortable.

Kent and Mike were riding Friday morning to Lake Guntersville State Park when it was interrupted with a flat on the rear of Mike’s bike just south of Cedartown Ga. Tube was torn at valve stem.

Wheel back on at The Farmers Store on Hwy 27 after a trip to Easy Living Yamaha in Rome Ga. for a new tube.

Thanks to the emergency road crew, fellow SMC members Joe Morris, Kent Bennett and Billy Russell (not pictured as he was at work) a couple of hours later Kent and Mike were rolling again.


SMC members discussing Dorsey’s cylinder (sitting on table). Roy re-sleeved it and dropped it off at the meeting so Dorsey can continue assembly of his project bike. Later that night I setup my antique coil tester from the 1920’s to give a demonstration of spark direction in the single point single coil Harley system like that in a Knucklehead.


Roy and Dorsey planned out the routes ridden on Saturday and Sunday. They even had turn by turn directions in case the group was separated. Two highlights were Cathedral Caverns and High Falls in DeKalb County.


Mike and Kent enjoying the view from the Lake Guntersville State Park Lodge after breakfast. The campground we stayed at was below on the shore of the lake.


In typical fashion we almost made it out of the State Park for the first ride on Saturday. When you have old bikes, you have to plan extra time for the rides as there are always problems.


Roy arranged a group tour of Cathedral Caverns. It was fantastic. The temperature inside stays at a constant 60F. This was great as the outside temperature was climbing over 90!


Pam and Roy exiting the Cave.


Sunday morning ride to High Falls.


Allegheny Road Run and SMC Informal meeting

June 17, 2019

If you don’t attend AMCA road run’s my heart bleeds for you. The Allegheny Road Run in Ligonier PA is one I will always remember. Curvy roads, up and down hills, and lots of history. With all the help of the chapter members over the past year in getting my 1947/8 Harley road ready, it worked out that the road run was to be the proving ground for “Achilles” as named by Roy Chapman. She made three days of riding which was a bit south of 500 miles with no problems. Dorsey was a key figure in the shake down ride as he guided us through the route. 


Within thirty minutes of ending the last days ride the email went out and I am now participating in the Cross Country Chase this September ( I might make it ten miles or all the way…


We stopped at the Flight 93 memorial which was heart wrenching…


After the road run ended, Dorsey and I made our way to the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground outside of Waynesville NC (Wheels Through Time Museum).  Kent and Dorsey shopping outside the Harley Shop. Some high dollar bikes there….

Kent met us that weekend and we held an informal SMC meeting near a bubbling stream at which we determine all members not present should be given a hardship award for missing these killer roads and weather!


See everyone in Guntersville!

PS – The Canadian contingency Mike P. was present, and he tried to pass off that Canadian monopoly money any time he could. 




March 23, 2019

We had big fun and a great turnout for the American Flat Track display this past Saturday at the Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, GA. There were 16 members who attended with 15 bikes on display plus a couple of guests who displayed their bikes as well. The weather was great, the fellowship flowing and the racing was exciting. Thank you for your support to all who attended.