THE CHASE! Update 4

Today we started in Milwaukee Wisconsin and ended in Urbana Illinois. It was the longest day so far at about 278 miles and it included three stops at Harley-Davidson dealerships to display the bikes.


Above: Here is parking lot action at today’s start. Within a few minutes of leaving the start, the rain came. This continuous bike wash lasted until after lunchtime.


Above: At this gas stop I still had about 100 miles left for the day but was able to remove the rain gear. We took a lot of interesting roads through the farmlands. The scenery was great but the roads were pretty rough which beats the riders up physically. We are all feeling it!

The bike ran well today. She’s not an oil burner but the front plug is running a little sooty. Tonight’s maintenance included adjusting the points, rear chain and topping off fluids. I also did laundry. I’m looking forward to the six hours of sleep I’m gonna get tonight!