THE CHASE! Update 8

Macon Ga to Tallahassee FL

Today started out hot and sticky. The ride took us through the hometown of Jimmy Carter, Plains GA. We also experienced love bugs as they hovered all over pummeling our helmets and bikes - nothing a good rain won’t wash off!


The stop was at Harley-Davidson of Tallahassee where I took advantage of the air conditioned shop to adjust my primary and rear chain. When we left the dealership I found an auto parts store where I picked up some oil and more spark plugs. Then it was off to the hotel for an oil change. I received a surprise gift from Smoky Mountain Chapter member Liz. She found a tube of the goop I have been slathering on my leaky intake. I was able to find a strip of rawhide and wrapped that around the intake also - hopefully it’s more airtight now!