The "Denton Servi" Update 1

With a little luck and some cash, I managed to come up with the best front and rear wheels I could find. Thanks to AJ Thomas (a new friend from VA). Having the rear wheels is a big sigh of relief for me.

I brought all three wheels to the SMC Campout this past weekend and SMC member Dorsey Uptain and I put them on the truing stand and found that they are all in really good shape. I need to blast the rust off the inside of the rims so the tubes won’t be damaged, but other than that, I’m going to run them as is.

Going over the frame and chasing the few threaded areas.


I’m getting ready for Wauseon in a few weeks. Hoping to find a 45 springer next. I feel pretty sure there will be some there. Just hoping they are in good enough shape and not out of my price range. Getting the springer will hopefully get me to the roller stage by end of summer, which is my goal.


SMC Member

Cecil Frost