(Yes, that free item can cost you lots of money…

I knew I was in trouble when I got the email that I had won a muffler for a bike I did not own.


As part of the AMCA recruitment program I was selected for one of the prizes which happened to be a muffler from Carl’s Cycle Supply. This muffler fits Harley Davidsons from 1941-49. It turns out this is a great muffler, but I don’t have a bike for it! So, I was staring at it for a month not exactly knowing what to do with it. It was crazy, I was not able to focus on my day job, what had they done to me with this gift! Carl’s donated it and I did not feel right selling it, I had to put it to a good use. After pondering, I finally figured out how to get the burr out of my boot. I just needed to find a bike that needed a muffler. So, after a three plus month of searching, turning over rocks, interrogating vendors at swap meets, and placing ads on Craigslist I have found a bike this muffler can fit!! I know you can feel the relief, because I sure do!!!

What is a little perplexing is how a simple email emptied my bank account so much – I might need some professional help….

Here is the invite –

I propose the weekend of June 30th (this could shift by a week depending on holiday schedules). Since the 4th falls on a Wednesday this year I am not exactly sure how everyone’s holiday plans line up. Come to Huntsville and help me fire up this beauty for the first time since 1976. Now there is no guarantee this will happen as it feels like there is no compression, but we will go as far as we can. It’s entered the hot season, so it might be warm in the garage – wear shorts and a tee cause we might sweat a bit, however I will have cold beverages and a shower. You are welcome to stay at the house but bring a sleeping bag. I have plenty of space to camp, but it might be warm outside (yes I have AC in the house so fill the floors up). At Monte Sano State Park they have one cabin open (CB14 as of this email). There are hotels within 6 miles if you want some privacy.

This is the opportunity to participate in something historic. A one owner bike that has not run since 1976 (42 years!). Yep it still might not run due to an engine issue or something I forgot to buy to make it happen, but this is still pretty cool!!

I may test the compression this weekend and if the bike truly needs more work, we can just look at it. There will be door prizes which consist of really old Harley dirt and cobwebs.